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The heat removal method of solar street lights


The reason why solar street lights are widely used nowadays, in addition to the reasonable control of the cost of use, and the use of functional advantages, the most important thing is that the country has also begun to introduce many policies to support it, which can ensure the development of solar street lights. It went smoothly, and it became more popular in our lives, and it played a better role.

The main reason for the support of the country is that the country now attaches great importance to the use of new energy. The emergence of solar street lights is a very good representative and driving role, and the service life of the product is very long, which is very important in the installation and construction process. Simple and low cost, it is also very simple and convenient in the follow-up maintenance process, cost-effective, and may have a longer comprehensive service life.

The heat removal method of solar street lights

Compared with traditional street lights, it can not only avoid the influence of wire line aging, but also can reasonably control the cost of use. The most important thing is that it can effectively avoid various safety hazards, so it can indeed play a very important use advantage. Meeting everyone’s lighting requirements in daily life can also avoid the impact of abnormal power supply.

For the professional skills of solar street lamp heat removal, the general method of applying heat transfer plate is actually a 5 mm thick copper coin, which is actually counted as a temperature equalizing plate to evenly heat the pyrogen; there will also be modified radiators to remove heat. , Solar street lamp brand general street lamp head machinery and equipment are more than six meters high, and if the net weight is too high, the risk factors will be relatively increased, especially when encountering earthquake disasters and storms, it is very likely that accidents will occur. At work. Recently, some Chinese manufacturers have successively adopted the world’s pioneering fibrous heat removal expertise. The output power of fibrous heat pipe radiators for heat removal is much better than that of traditional block heat pipe radiators, which can increase the junction temperature. It is 15°C lower than the general heat pipe radiator, and the moisture-proof performance is improved. The general aluminum radiator is better, and the net weight and volume are also improved. In the application industry of solar power stations, solar street lights have a very key direction.

Ruichen solar street lamp management system adopts the method of “solar power generation and energy storage technology”, which is a typical single solar power station management system. In the daytime, the solar cell generates a satisfactory amount of electricity, which can charge the battery, and charge and discharge the battery at night to provide electromagnetic energy to the road and street lights. In specific applications, if there is no effective operation of the battery, the battery charging method is unreasonable, overcharging and loss of electricity will harm the number of battery cycles. In order to better reduce the maintenance cost, use effective methods to develop an effective battery Battery charging, natural charging and discharging are also effective.