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Do you know the difference between Solar Road Studs and Reflective Studs?


Solar Road Studs, also known as Solar Studs or solar road reflectors, is a kind of traffic safety. The warning light has amber, yellow, green, red, blue, white options. They are generally installed on roads or highways. It is used to indicate the direction of the road. Especially in rainy and foggy weather or when corners, the road contour can be better marked to remind the driver to pay attention to the driving route ahead. Solar Studs greatly reduces traffic accidents.

Traditional Reflective Studs have existed for decades, and their performance has hardly changed during this time. They still rely on the effectiveness of the vehicle’s headlights to provide enough light at the correct angle and reflect some of the light to the driver to delineate the road ahead. At best, the headlights usually extend to around 90 meters. Solar Studs do not have the same dependencies. They do not rely on the headlights of the vehicle at all. In contrast, Solar Studs actively provides light output directly in the driver’s natural line of sight from high-brightness LEDs in the studs. These LED road signs are driven by solar energy captured from natural sunlight by built-in solar panels and stored in the internal battery of the stud. Due to this positive light output, they provide 10 times the road layout than traditional retro reflective road markings, enabling drivers’ visibility up to 900 meters.

Solar Studs use solar energy and do not require any electrical connections. Used to mark the edges and center lines of roads. It is equipped with long-lasting LEDs and can run for many years without maintenance. It is installed on the road and flashes to warn the driver. The LED is designed to be visible within a distance of approximately 1 kilometer. Rain and fog weather are more eye-catching than ordinary reflectors. The battery in Solar Studs is charged during the day, while in the dark air, the LED starts to flash.

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